How to Get Help

Working with a licensed and certified health insurance professional is your best option to find the ideal health plan for you. and it does not cost you anything.  Working without a licensed and certified professional could cost you the loss of your preferred doctors and hospital. 

Also, after you have enrolled licensed health insurance professionals are available to help you with questions and problems as you use your new medical plan while enrollers only help with the paperwork to get enrolled. 

As your health insurance representative, we act as your Advocate as we represent only you, not the insurance company, not the government, and not the health care providers.  And remember, you pay us nothing for our assistance and professional guidance.  We do not take grant money or any other tax payer funds as compensation for helping you.  

Understanding Rates

When you work with us you pay nothing for our help. All premiums are set by the insurance company and you only pay the premiums the insurance company requires.

As part of Health Care Reform you may qualify for help to pay your health insurance premium.  We are certified to help you qualify for any and all financial assistance you qualify to receive. Again, our help costs you nothing.

Premiums for all health plans are set based on age and home zip code.  Generally, the lower the premium the more you will spend when using your medical benefits.  The new Metal plans include Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels and within each level you will find PPO and HMO options offered by some carriers.

​Bronze plans will have the lowest premium and Platinum plans will be the highest.  To shop for rates you need to either Email us or call us.  If you would like to attend a local meeting where we provide education about the new Metal plans see our meeting schedule.

Integrity Advisors

Here at Integrity Advisors, Our team is here to help you at NO COST. Our team has licensed and certified health insurance specialists with years of experience so we are your best source of information about:  

  • Which Metal plans allow me to keep my doctors and which do not?
  • What is my cost of insurance and how do the tax credits and subsidies work for me?
  • Where can I get help once I have enrolled onto a medical plan?  

Our Goal is to help you select from the many medical benefits to find a plan just for you.   With our help you can understand your health insurance coverages and premiums, and we will stay with you supporting you as you use your new medical benefits. Every customer is special to us.

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