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Supplemental Insurance to Medicare
Medical insurance and medical coverage can be obtained from private providers to help pay for doctor and hospital care costs not covered by Medicare through private "Medigap" or Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

Medigap or Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Legislation has standardized this insurance into ten plans. They are referred to by letters A - J. The plans vary in how they reimburse for Medicare covered services. Medicare Supplement plans are designed to cover the out-of-pocket costs not covered by Medicare alone.
​Plan A supplements are very basic. Plan J supplements are quite comprehensive. We can quote rates for all plans from several insurance carriers.

Medicare Advantage Plans
HMO's accept government Medicare payments as premium payments. They may provide patient treatment using co-pays and annual maximums.

Except in the case of an emergency, when using a Medicare HMO you must use health providers (doctors, hospitals) that are contracted with that health plan or you will need to pay for the entire cost. In the southern California area only, we can help you enroll with several HMO plans.